Welcome !

Hey, hi !

I wanted a place of mine on internet for quite some time now, where I would be able to talk about IT related stuff, that's what this place is all about.

I'm a Linux sysadmin. I work with computers, mostly Linux servers, sometimes on what people call the “cloud”, sometimes on more modest environments. My personnal endeavours also made me use really tiny machines, like raspberry pi things that everybody owns now.

I discovered Linux in early 00's with Debian, and Knoppix. I've also played with Mandrake, Aurox, Fedora core at that time..

In 2004, Ubuntu launched. I started to use Linux daily on Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog the year after, and never left Linux since then. Apart from Ubuntu, I've used Opensuse, Fedora, Centos, Debian and Archlinux. I've also played with derivatives of some of those distrib in-between.

Today, I use Archlinux on a desktop machine, Fedora and Elementary on laptops and I also have a raspberry that runs Alpine Linux.

I'll talk mostly about technical stuff, Linux sysadmin related topics (Docker, Ansible, and things like that). One of the main goal of this place is to be my online notepad for things that I learned and would like to share. That being said, I might also talk about other stuff as well (music being my second passion, expect some posts about that !).

Also, even if this blog is written in english, that doesn't makes me an english genius as it's not my mother tongue. Another goal of this place is to improve my english, and practice a bit more than I would otherwise be able to.

Julien Pericat
Linux Sysadmin, SysOps & DevOps friendly

Happily automating and putting things in containers.